"I’ve long admired Kayla’s design for Nat. Brut and her independent illustration work. The pleasure of this work comes from an attention to the detail of idiomatic design styles (especially vintage advertising art, corporate design, and gag cartooning) combined with a passionate sensitivity to the spoken and unspoken power dynamics that are the historical legacy of these styles in context. The result is a body of work that avoids easy ironies and accelerates headfirst into a visual landscape of seduction and repulsion, sadness and yearning. Her technical skill and command of the idiom give the work a solidity that would be difficult to achieve in lesser hands, but it’s her heart and her smarts that twist the knife. This is why Kayla’s art and design can be so effective when paired with humor — it avoids both the faux-naive exuberance and the blasé sophistication that smooth away the edges. It’s raw like Raw. Raw like human. Raw like need. Raw like specificity. And it’s this rawness that allows the bloody exchange of real emotions that passes in the social pantomime of a joke. Especially the funny ones."

-Dan O. Williams | Designer | n+1


"Kayla is one of the most talented multi-disciplinary designers I've had the pleasure of working with. I treasure her design work just as much as an end-user, or consumer, as I do a collaborator. She excels at perfectly communicating and conveying emotion through design, and knows how to drive both creative and product direction. Kayla's ability to do this effectively across so many different mediums is truly rare and impressive. Anyone who gets the opportunity to work with Kayla should consider themselves very lucky."

-Julie Ann Horvath | Senior User Experience Designer | Apple


"I have been an admirer of Kayla's graphic design for some time. Her work combines an informed twenty-first century aesthetic with a solid grasp of the twentieth century essentials of clear, direct and straightforward visual communication."

-Mark Newgarden | Cartoonist + Illustrator