Precious Rubbish

Precious Rubbish: Post Election

Precious Rubbish confronts issues of abuse, erosion of personal space, the destructive undercurrents of gender roles, and the heightened trauma of childhood misogyny. This work employs a hybrid form in which text and image are dissociated to some extent, creating a psychological drama that reflects the act of remembering and seeks to render an emotional truth. Precious Rubbish is heavily informed by children’s comics from the 1940s and 50s, and draws stylistic cues from gag comics and strips. A selection of this work first appeared in The Spectacle. Precious Rubbish:Post Election first appeared in The Seventh Wave.


All of Them Witches

All of Them Witches was risograph printed and published by Nat. Brut.

The project was edited by RL Goldberg and the comic featured here was written by Meghan Lamb.


Canteen Kayla

Canteen Kayla first appeared in Rough House Comics, Vol. 4.


Bringing Up Kayla

Bringing Up Kayla first appeared in The Comics Journal.


Not All Men!

Not All Men! first appeared in Early Edition, Vol. 2 and was published as a mini comic by Nat. Brut.


Kayla Sees America


Kayla Sees America was published as a mini comic by Nat. Brut

Kayla Now and Then, Now and Again  |  Deep Ellum, TX, 2014

Watch Kayla   |  Oak Cliff, TX, 2014

KaylaTV  |  Cambridge, 2013

Lazy Eye Stories

Lazy Eye Stories is a graphic narrative written by David Rice and illustrated by Kayla E. The first volume is in production and can be read here.